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“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart
and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.
It is, in a word, effective.”
— Irving Penn

Earth Kiln
Venezuela Crisis
José Víctor Salazar Balza (28) catches fire amid violent clashes with riot police during a protest against President Nicolás Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela.
Marathon des Sables
Marathon des Sables Sports, third prize singles April 9, 2017 Participants set off on a timed stage of the Marathon des Sables, in the Sahara Desert in southern Morocco.
Peace Football Club
Members of a FARC women’s football team wait for instructions from their coach, in front of a banner depicting the founding commanders of FARC, at La Elvira transitional zone. From left to right: Julieth Jiménez (26), Xiomara Mendez (20), Yurani Zapata (22) and Angela Velasco (24).
Car Attack
People are thrown into the air as a car plows into a group of protesters demonstrating against a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in Virginia, USA.
Hunger Solutions
Massacre in Las Vegas
People run for cover as a gunman fires on concertgoers at the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas, USA.
Rohingya Crisis
The bodies of Rohingya refugees are laid out after the boat in which they were attempting to flee Myanmar capsized about eight kilometers off Inani Beach, near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Around 100 people were on the boat before it capsized. There were 17 survivors.
Warriors Who Once Feared Elephants
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The World Press Photo Exhibition represents the year's best visual journalism and is seen by 4 million people in 100 cities across the globe. Last year Lightscape brought the Exhibition to Washington DC, home of the people and institutions that drive thinking and decision-making on the issues behind the photographs. We working with leading think-tanks, universities, embassies, international-, media- and civil society organizations to tell the stories behind the photos.

The images cover a broad range of topics and explore refugees/migration, conflicts in the Middle-East, climate change, race and policing and gender identity, but also marathons in the desert, bullfighting and rugby. This is photojournalism at its best and most thought-provoking.

The venue is the Dupont Underground, an abandoned trolley station beneath Dupont Circle. This massive space will house 22 projectors casting 13' images of the year's most important stories, a wall of large prints of WPP prize-winning photographs and a retrospective of 61 years of Photos of the Year. There will be side-exhibitions by the International Women's Media Foundation and we will honor photojournalist who lost his life in collaboration with AFP.

The goal is simple: to use photojournalism to humanize complex issues, to bring people together to discuss and to learn, to support informed debate about the issues facing our communities, countries and the world around us.

Dates: 27 Oct - 25 Nov (closed on Thanksgiving)
Times: 11:00AM - 18:00 doors close (19:00 )
Venue: Dupont Underground (19 Dupont Circle, entrance on 19th Street)

General admission is $15, discounted tickets $10, children under 14 are free (but should be companied by an adult, given the adult nature of the some images).
Visitors are free to come back multiple times. Simply leave your name with our volunteers at the entrance.

We hope to see you at the Underground!


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This project is organized by dedicated volunteers and all proceeds go to the exhibition, venue, photographers and events
To support making the exhibtion an annual event, please consider donating. Even a small amount goes a long way!

If you'd like to know more about the exhibition, events or how to become part of the team, please provide us with your email address!

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