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Rio's Golden Smile

Rio's Golden Smile

Kai Oliver Pfaffenbach (Germany)

Sports, third prize singles


Jamaican Usain Bolt smiles as he looks back while winning the 100-meter semi-final race at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 14 August. He finished the race in 9.86 seconds.

Bolt went on to win a gold medal in the finals, becoming the first athlete to win three Olympic 100-meter titles. He also took gold in the 200-meter race and 4x100-meter relay, thus obtaining the ‘triple-triple’: three sprinting gold medals in three consecutive Olympics. Bolt later lost this status, after a teammate was found guilty of a doping violation and the 2016 Jamaican relay team was stripped of its gold medal.

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Forward to 7:00 for the story on Usain Bolt

Story and pictuers from NPR's Morning Edition: Usain Bolt's Final 100-Meter Race: 'There He Goes'

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